Yes, it was kind of shocking to see CNN showing the truth about Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis.

But fear not, the Clown New network restored our faith in their Clown World reporting by showing a fictitious factless chyron.

CNN isn’t ready to call it ‘Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis’ Just Yet

CNN Migrant crisis Chyron


As TuskerDaily reported in February, in less than a month for the Biden administration to create a migrant crisis the likes of which America hasn’t seen since Obama was President.

And Joe Biden was able to achieve his monumental failure in immigration, by eliminating every Trump policy that had been holding migrants in check since mid-2019.

There’s no better evidence to show how abysmal Biden’s Border Crisis has become than the fact that in Trump’s last week as President, the Border Patrol apprehending on average 45 unaccompanied minors a day.

Under Biden, the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended has now skyrocketed to over 350 per day.

Migrants Illegally Crossing The Border Has Skyrocketed

For the month of February, which is Joe Biden’s first full month as President, the Border Patrol apprehended over 110,000 illegal immigrants.

That’s nearly triple the 40,565 that they apprehended in December 2020, which was President Trump’s last full month as President.

To get around their lying Chyron, and avoid calling it Biden’s Border Crisis.

CNN implied that the migrant surge happened because of a Trump-era policy that made it illegal for an American to harbor an illegal immigrant.

Which CNN now implied Biden eliminated in order to regain control of the border.

Of course, that’s the most moronic thing CNN has said…for the past hour.

Putting their liberal logic aside, the CNN report does show just how out of control Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis has become.


  1. Walk them back across the Mexican border and walk away. What the f–k is wrong with you people. The problem is you think we Americans are stupid. You need to buy me a free lunch not, illegals.


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