With the unaccompanied minor crisis spiraling out of control, the Biden administration has come up with a new plan to house migrant children at holding facilities that might not be safe.

Joe Biden’s new plan to house migrant children now has federal officials reportedly voicing their concerns that it not only places these unaccompanied minors in danger, but it’s also illegal to do.

The border crisis was unquestionably caused by President Joe Biden trying to appease his radical base.

Without giving the slightest forethought to the consequences of his actions. The moment Joe Biden was sworn in as President, he started eliminating many of former President Donald Trump’s policies that had been keeping illegal immigration in check.

Biden’s knee-jerk reaction to appease the Democrats radical leftist has resulted in a surge of unaccompanied minors flooding America’s southern border.

Joe Biden, Like Obama, Simply Ignore The Law

By law, the Border Patrol can hold unaccompanied minors legally for up to 72 hours before having to move them to the Department of Health and Human Services migrant children facilities.

Of course, the Biden administration has been illegally keeping these migrant children well past the 72-hours limit as stated in the Flores agreement.

1) What is the Flores Settlement Agreement?

In 1997, a federal district court in California approved the Flores Settlement Agreement (Flores) after over a decade of litigation.

The Flores agreement requires the government to treat migrants “with dignity, respect and special concern for their particular vulnerability as minors.” It also mandates that Border Patrol release the children to HHS facilities within 72-hours.

Biden’s NEW Plan To House Migrant Children Violates Flores Agreement

As the backlog continues to grow by an additional 500 unaccompanied minors a day, these children are being held in inhuman conditions for far longer.

The White House is now pressuring federal officials to house migrant children at unsafe, as well as unsecured facilities.

Officials, however, warn that moving the minors could pose a danger to the children and violate a 1997 legal settlement requiring the government to house minors in “safe and sanitary” facilities.

Nearly 5,800 child migrants were housed at Border Patrol facilities on Sunday, more than double the June 2019 record of 2,600. The Wall Street Journal said those numbers were expected to rise.

The Washington Free Beacon reported the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a division of HHS, told officials the bureau was struggling with an administration directive to house migrant children at Fort Bliss, an El Paso, Texas, U.S. Army base under construction, and to an emergency influx center in San Antonio, Texas.

That prompted some officials to warn that following the instructions would “result in children sitting on buses” and “extremely dangerous ratios at the sites affected,” referring to the ratio of children to adults.

“We are not going to speculate on what might be or not be internal deliberations,” HHS spokesman Mark Weber told the Free Beacon, adding “additional capacity is urgently needed to manage both enhanced COVID-19 mitigation strategies and the increasing numbers” of migrants.

According to one senior official, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra was considering an agency mandate requiring 200 HHS employees to temporarily relocate to the border to help with the crisis.

However, as of late Wednesday, Becerra instead was said to be leaning toward calling for 300 agency volunteers to manage cases virtually.

Those plans emerged after Becerra failed to fulfill a promise to President Biden to recruit 1,000 volunteers from across federal agencies to take paid details at the border.

A GOP congressional delegation toured the southern border during the weekend, with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, calling what he saw a “man-made crisis.”

“When you gaze across a massive room with 2,200 teenage boys, it takes your breath away,” Cruz said. “It is tragic. It is horrific.”

Cruz did his best to film the scene since the Biden administration refused to grant access to the media to document the inhuman conditions taking place inside many of the facilities.


The Free Beacon reported the administration had begun releasing minors to sponsors in the U.S. before background checks on those sponsors had been completed, raising the risk for human trafficking.

The border crisis developed after the Biden administration decided to stop the Trump administration’s “Wait in Mexico” policy, which returned asylum seekers who entered the United States from Mexico to wait in Mexico until their cases were adjudicated.

The Biden administration has repeatedly lied that the surge is a seasonal spike and has even gone so far as refusing to admit that a border crisis exists, instead they call it ‘a challenge.

In an email obtained by the Free Beacon, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission chair Charlotte Burrows asked agency employees to apply for stints at the border — the first such request in at least a decade.

Burrows cited the “unprecedented influx of unaccompanied children at our Southern Border,” calling on EEOC staffers “to lend support to this humanitarian effort.”

“These children are alone, frightened, separated from family, and currently being housed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection [CBP] in holding areas that were not meant for children beyond a short period of time,” Burrows wrote Tuesday. The email was first reported by Bloomberg Law.


  1. Biden, Harris and their Administration are a sick joke, a sick, tragic and corrupt joke foisted upon the American people by the corrupt, power-hungry Democrat Party upper echelon by means of, imo, a transparently fraudulent election in which BigTech/Silicon Valley entities, global elites and a corrupt MSN media all conspired together to thwart the true will of the people for their own twisted self-aggrandizement!!!!

  2. These children need to tell what country and city they came from. Ask who their parents are. Send them back to their parents. Send military down there around up the parents take them to the border hand their children back to them send them back to their home country. Enough of joe Biden bs. The illegals are bringing in the virus. That’s why the numbers are up. It’s not the American people who are spreading the virus. Time to take joe Biden down with the rest of the unamerican democrats. Destruction of America .


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