Bill Clinton Lecturing Trump On Proper Oval Office Behavior, Gives Hypocrisy A Whole New Meaning

Bill Clinton 2020 Convention Speech
Hillary’s walking dead husband, and notorious philanderer Bill Clinton took aim at President Donald Trump’s “determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame.”
Wait. What? I must have missed the part where President Trump called a press conference, wagged his finger at the American people and said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky
Oh, No. Maybe I’m turning into Joe Biden?
Whew, Thank God for YouTube.
Clinton also took aim at the Trump administration’s COVID pandemic response in his speech to the Democratic convention, saying it has been “only chaos,” while urging voters to send Joe Biden to the Oval Office.
Clinton said of President Donald Trump’s handling of the ongoing health crisis:

“Denying, distracting and demeaning work great if you’re trying to entertain or inflame, but in a real crisis, it collapses like a house of cards,” 

Bill-O the perverted sex-addicted clown

Making Bill Clinton’s DNC feel even more clownish, was the fact that just hours before photos of the ex-president getting a massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims surfaced mere hours before his DNC speech lecturing Donald Trump about being in denial and not taking responsibility for his actions.

Bill Clinton has spent years denying he had ever flown on Epstein’s plane dubbed the ‘Lolita Express,’ despite records proving he had flown on the plane two-dozen times.

Clinton has spent years denying he had ever visited Epstein’s island and is partaking in any of his forbidden underaged fruit the sexual predator offered the former POTUS.

Bill Clinton Meet Mirror…Mirror, Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton grins with pleasure as he enjoys an intimate neck massage with a young Jeffrey Epstein victim in never-before-seen photographs obtained exclusively by


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