You know the world has spun off its axis when HBO’s Bill Maher of all people has to explain to the triggered white woke progressives that they needed to check their ‘Cancel Culture’ mentality.

Of course, this is something those of us on the right have known for far too long.

Just yesterday we posted a story about Robert Johnson the billionaire founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) telling Fox News that the black community breaks out in laughter whenever they see these painfully woke white liberals yanking TV shows off the air and tearing down statues delusionally believing they’re helping the African-American community seek racial justice reform.

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Despite Bill Maher hilariously being the voice of reason. It’s good to see that at least of few liberals acknowledging how the Democrats have jumped the shark of their latest unhinged hashtag activism.

Of course, just like in 2015 when the Democrats were outraged over the very same hashtag.

But just like #OWS, #NeverAgain and the #MeToo movement, this latest #BLM, #DefundThePolice hashtag activism, will suddenly end once the next shiny object overwhelms the social media mobs ADD.


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