Black Community Now Claiming Not Even The Body-Cam Video of Deon Kay Brandishing a Weapon Was Justification Enough For Police To Shoot Him

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The old saying goes ‘Those that fail to learn from history, is doomed to repeat it.’ and the Devon Kay shooting in Baltimore proves that Black Lives Matter and their supporters haven’t learned a thing from their previous failure.

After gaining traction in 2014, the Black Lives Matter movement was all the rage in 2015, but by mid 2016 even the black community was tiring of their one-sided antics.

CNN of all people published an article: Is Black Lives Matter blowing it? The story asked:

Here’s a question for both supporters and critics of the Black Lives Matter movement:

What does Black Lives Matter want?
Not sure? How about this. Can you cite a moment in which a BLM leader passionately and eloquently denounced the recent shooting deaths of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge? Can you name one or two leaders from the movement?
Despite, the mainstream media ignoring it, and the Democrats, and Joe Biden rewriting history to avoid having to answer “How can all this racial rioting be Trump’s fault, when it happened during the Obama/Biden administration for over two-years.
Of course, the pivotal point of BLM’s downfall was indeed what the CNN article pointed out, the shooting deaths of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge which took place with America watching those horrific events on live television.

After the Black Lives Matter leadership, and their supporters tried spinning what had happened into the fault of the Police, America had had enough of their idiocy.

Fast forward to today, and when the Black Lives Matter movement got a new lease on life after the repugnant killing of George Floyd.

BLM protests exploded across America demanding justice, and police accountability for the horrific murder of George Floyd.

And the Black Lives Matter protest got everything they demanded within days.

With the right denouncing the killing of George Floyd as loudly as the left, The police officers were fired, and all four officers were arrested and charged within days of the murder.

But after these Police Officers were being held accountable, the so-called George Floyd peaceful protests turned into a violent mob hell bent on arson, and looting their way through every major American city.

BLM This Ain’t Your Obama’s America

In 2014, and 2015 there was no pressure put on the BLM leaders, because President Barack Obama, and VP Joe Biden were more interested in kowtowing to the Black Lives Matter supporters.

But unlike in 2014, and 2015 where America was slow to ask questions, this time with President Trump exposing the Democrats hypocrisy, our nation started asking “What do these BLM, Antifa riots have to do with George Floyd?

Of course, BLM never had to answer any questions since the mainstream media for weeks spewed their idiocy swearing to America that these were “Peaceful Protesters” while standing in front of a burning black owned business.

But, the moment Kyle Rittenhouse killed two of the rioters while defending himself against their viscous assault.

Shockingly, NOT Shockingly the Democrats, led by Joe Biden suddenly cried out that Rioting was wrong. Of course having a Pro-Trump scapegoat to blame the 3-months long rioting made it easier for them to keep their BLM ass-kissing apologists status intact.

Tthe Black Lives Matter house of cards is collapsing right before our eyes.

Michael Reinoehl, the self-described “100% ANTIFA’ member was accused of being the suspected gunman who fatally shot a Pro-Trump supporter in Portland last weekend.

The BLM leadership, the Democrats and the Mainstream Media showed just how ridiculous they had become by not only NOT denouncing the murder, they disgustingly tried blaming the victim.

With the media spewing “Right-Wing Militants” every chance they had, the BLM, Democrat mouthpieces pushed the narrative that the Right-wing militia member who was killed was part of a Pro-Trump car caravan that invaded Portland with paint guns in order to escalate the peaceful city that had a few pockets of aggressive peaceful protesters.

Again, America was quick show they had caught on to the left antics by asking the Democrats “So Black Lives Matter can Protest, but others can’t?”

America’s awakening to the BLM, Democrat, MSM idiocy became evident after Joe Biden, who until just weeks ago held a double digit lead in the polls over President Trump in the 2020 Presidential race, now found himself in a virtual tie in nearly all battleground states.

The Deon Kay Police Shooting.

Now comes the Baltimore Police shooting of Deon Kay, in which the black teenager was killed.

Immediately, Kay’s family having received their information of the Police shooting from Black Lives Matter supporters. Understandably, started crying that Deon was a good boy, was unarmed, and wasn’t resisting arrest.

The outraged mob of Deon Kay screamed that while Deon was holding his hands in the air, a racist police officer shot this poor black teenager in the back.

Thankfully, the Baltimore Police Department having seen the violence, looting, and rioting in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and in Kenosha, Wisconsin, worked all night to get the officers body-cam footage out to the public.

LESS THAN 24 hours after Deon Kay was fatally shot by a D.C. police officer in Southeast Washington, officials on Thursday they made public the body-camera footage of the deadly encounter.

It shows what BLM supporters were screaming, and dishing to the bereaved Kay family, was nothing more than a plate of lies.

  • Deon Kay was a known gang-member, and the pubic discovered later loved making videos of himself pointing various illegal weapons while performing his ‘I’m a thug’ act to the camera.

  • Deon Kay was ARMED.
  • Kay sneaked up behind the officer while brandishing a gun in his right hand.
  • The startled Police Office shot Deon Kay ONCE…And in his chest, not his back as BLM supporters swore.

Why Black Lives Matter Will Crumple

Of course, Black Lives Matter will never condemn Deon Kay for his own actions that led to his shooting. Most likely they will stay silent until the media gives them something that they could use to muddy the waters with.

Joe Biden, and the Democrats will do the same as BLM, remaining as quiet as the did when two BLM, Antifa looters took the life of St. Louis retired Police Capt. David Dorn was was black and was beloved among the African-American Community for helping many underprivileged black youths.

The mainstream media knowing the body-cam footage was devastating to the BLM accusation they were happily regurgitating the previous night, has been left with an imbecilic claim that the Washington Post started spewing.

Not only did WaPo write a moronic op-ed headline, they also included a picture under their banner that completely destroys their own idiocy.

Was the shooting of Deon Kay justified? We don’t know yet.

Deon Kay Body cam Video of shooting

But where America will once again throw the Black Lives Matter movement to the curb is how, despite the video, BLM supporters on social media are still claiming that not only was this an unjustified shooting but…

Deon Kay was murdered by another Pro-Trump Racist White Police Officer. 

Here are a few examples of their insanity:

The ACLU summed up what BLM, Joe Biden, the Democrats and the Mainstream media’s narrative will be to excuse away the video:

The footage shows an officer running out of his car and firing his gun in a matter of seconds to end the life of a teenager who was running away from police. The officer made no attempt to de-escalate, there was no warning or directive given to Kay to drop a weapon — a weapon that Kay appears to have thrown in the air and which was recovered almost 100 feet from his body.

I do hope Joe Biden, and every leftist cohort runs with this “Don’t believe what your eyes told you…Here’s what you really saw” narrative.

Donald Trump has most assuredly earned another four-years serving America as President of the United States, and the left’s idiocy will guarantee it.

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