Black Lives Matter (BLM) Foundation revealed its finances for the first time, and the unhinged leftist raked in a cool $90 million in donations for 2020.

The screenshot of their finances that BLM shared with the Associated Press (AP), does not state who gave they gave any money to in 2020.

The BLM Foundation also declined to name who their most prominent donors were.

BLM…Show Us The Money

The Black Lives Matter foundation revealing the staggering amount in donations they took in, comes amid accusations from local BLM chapters who accuse their supposed socialist leaders of being no better than the same racist Capitalist pigs they’re protesting against.

Only one BLM chapter in Denver which had signed a multi-year agreement with the Black Lives Matter national foundation received a few crumbs.

The Black Lives Matter foundation claims that it is NOW building infrastructure to catch up to the speed of its funding and plans to use its endowment to become known for more than protests after the claim Black Americans die at the hands of police or vigilantes.

‘We want to uplift Black joy and liberation, not just Black death. We want to see Black communities thriving, not just surviving,’ reads an impact report the foundation shared with the AP before releasing it.

The foundation’s coffers and influence grew immensely following May 2020 after the horrific murder of George Floyd, by a white Minneapolis police officer.

Floyd’s death sparked protests across the U.S. and around the world, which the BLM foundation quickly propagandized into massive donations.

The foundation said of the $90 million it took in, it has SUPPOSEDLY committed $21.7 million in grant funding to official and unofficial BLM chapters, as well as 30 black-led local organizations.

But, of course, the foundation refuses to divulge how much, or to whom the money was sent to?

But we do know one fact, the Black Lives Matter organization ended the year with a balance of more than $60 million.

BLM Demands Transparency From Others But Refuses To Do the Same

BLM’s growth has caused longstanding tensions to boil over between some of the movement’s grassroots organizers and national leaders.

Grassroots organizers went public last fall with grievances about BLM’s lack of financial transparency, decision-making, and accountability.

Of course, this is just typical hypocrisy from the supposed righteous liberals.

Demand full transparency from everyone else, but get outraged when someone expects you to do the same.

While the two BLM anarchist socialist co-founders Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi claim that they were taken aback by how quickly the donation came in and they need to create a system to spread the wealth.

In 2019, the BLM foundation took in over 8 million dollars in donations, and Lord knows how much in donations they’ve received in total since 2013.

But NOW Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi are claiming they need to create a system?

So how much have the Black Lives Matter foundation scammed over its 8-year history?

Where is that all that money?

Clearly little to none of those millions of dollars in donations filtered down to BLM chapters?

The only thing we know for sure is BLM took in millions of dollars and their two anarchist co-founders are doing a hell of a good job imitating how a Wall Street hedge fund Capitalist acts.

Since the two Black Lives Matter co-founders are advocating for Black Reparations.

Then maybe they can use some of that $60+ million they have and reimburse Black Americans whose businesses were destroyed during their months-long BLM/ANTIFA rioting, looting, and arson?





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