Those brave and bold Black Lives Matter, Antifa terrorists who are currently rioting, looting, and burning their way through Portland, used their ‘Wall of Moms’ to protect them from the big bad feds that President Donald Trump sent to Oregon to quell the violence.

After seeing videos circulating online of federal agents arresting their little anarchists. Hundreds of BLM, Antifa mothers traveled to Portland to lend a hand to their rioting rugrats by becoming a human shield between their millennial misfits and federal officers.

Wall Of Moms

After the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May, Portland’s leftist Mayor Ted Wheeler has allowed the BLM, Antifa terrorist to run roughshod over his city’s streets every night for nearly two months, (50-days to be exact).

Outrage at the Democrats allowing the violence to go unchecked, President Donald Trump, as allowed by the U.S. Constitution, deployed federal agents to Portland to end what he called ‘anarchy’.

As they watched in horror as their millennial misfits were swept off the streets by Federal agents. Black Lives Matter and Anifa mothers have come to their basement-dwelling delinquent’s rescue.

Hundreds of mothers are now front and center of the BLM, Antifa rioting, forming a human barricade between their BLM Brats and federal officers.

Maybe the mainstream media were too distracted to cover Portland’s ‘wall of moms’?

Judging by the Los Angeles Times cotton candy smothered in honey reporting on that naked portland protester:

She emerged as an apparition from clouds of tear gas as federal agents fired pepper balls at angry protesters in the early Saturday darkness.

Shockingly, the Mainstream Media hasn’t trumpeted the yellow shirt-wearing “wall of moms,” shielding their BLM black-clad Antifa “protesters” from being nabbed by the feds.

But not to worry, thankfully, CNN is on it as they’ve recently started promoting these malcontent mothers: