BLM Chants ‘We Hope the B*tch Dies!’ After Two LA Sheriff Deputies Were Gunned Down

BLM Chants We Hope the Bitch Dies After Two LA Sheriff Deputies Were Gunned Down
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Go ahead NFL, and NBA let’s see your Black Lives Matter pandering now after BLM thugs chants “We Hope the B*tch Dies!” toward the hospital where a 31-Year-Old LA Sheriff Deputy and Mother was undergoing emergency surgery after she and her partner were ambushed and shot in the Head.

Approximately a dozen Black Lives Matter misfits celebrating the shooting and threatening officers and their families.

The BLM “Peaceful Protesters” swarmed the hospital attempting to get into St. Francis Hospital claiming they were there at 2 am to visit the “Two Of America’s Most Notorious Gang Member” and to ‘Check Up On These Murderers” that got shot at the Blue Line Station in Compton.

After the BLM Africa Town Coalition members were stopped by LA Police officers from entering the PRIVATE hospital, they then proceeded to try and blocked doorways, threatened officers at the scene, and attempted to force their way inside.


Watch Cowboy (garbled) From the BLM Africa Town Coalition Acting Like a Repugnant POS


You have to love this mental midget YouTuber who tried to proclaim that these ‘Protesters” were “NON-BLM Protesters”...Umm, ok, moron!

I simply can’t wait until the 1 pm kickoff of the NFL games to see if they will still be supporting the Black Lives Matter movement after what has transpired over the last 12-hours.

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If they left needed an answer as to why Kansas City Chiefs fans booed the NFL’s Black Lives Matter pandering  “Moment of Unity‘.  I assume BLM chanting ‘We Hope the B*tch Dies!’ answers the liberal’s question.

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