Black Lives Matter protesters have taken to the streets once again, this time in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, demanding so-called “justice” for 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz, who was killed by police after he charged at a Police Officer WITH A KNIFE!

BLM, Antifa rioters have been flooding to the police station in Southwest Lancaster City, chanting “Don’t shoot and other Black Lives Matter slogans after an officer-involved shooting earlier in the day.

I assume after Deon Kay, the two LA County Sheriff Deputies getting shot in Compton, and now this. BLM will just riot anytime a person of color is shot, regardless if he attacks a Police Officers with a weapon.

BLM Declares Its Open Season On Cops

Footage on social media shows protesters smashing windows and jumping on a police car, as one of the gathering’s leaders announces that “BLM riots” have kicked off in the city.

DA releases bodycam footage from the Lancaster Police Shooting

Hoping to head off the expected BLM, Antifa rioting over the shooting, Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office released bodycam footage from the incident.

The video starts with a woman running out of the house screaming. In the next second, Munoz rushes out of the door with a knife in his hand and charges at the responding officer, with the latter firing several shots at Munoz, who then falls to the ground.

Munoz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lancaster DA said that they have been “investigating” the shooting to determine if the use of force was justified, but noted that the preliminary investigation indicates that the knife-wielding victim posed an immediate danger to the officer’s life before being killed.

The footage shows that when the officer gets in front of a residence in the 300 block of Laurel Street, Munoz immediately emerges from inside and runs toward the officer, brandishing a knife above his head, in clear view, in a threatening manner

District Attorney Heather Adams said that her office would release all other details pertaining to the incident “in a timely manner,” urging protesters to “remain peaceful” since “violence and destruction of property will become headlines and serve no purpose for the safety and wellbeing of our citizens and neighborhoods.”

The incident took place around 4:15 pm local time, as the officers were responding to an alleged domestic disturbance.

While there is nothing in the DA’s message to suggest that Munoz was mentally incapacitated, activists have alleged that the man was autistic.

Protesters have also accused police of leaving his body lying in the street “for hours” before it was taken away.

Of course, just 10-days ago, when after a Baltimore cop fatally shot Deon Kay who was brandishing a weapon the Black Lives Matter mob was screaming he Deon Kay was unarmed, had his hands up, and was shot in the back. But as the bodycam footage proved BLM lied in order to rile up their riotous mob.

And just like that incident, and others BLM’s ass-kissing apologist mouthpiece Joshua Potash quickly posted this nonsense without a shred of evidence to back up his (BLM) claims.

Notice how Potash missed adding in “alleged‘. Instead, the BLM propagandist penned his tweet as a factual statement.