BLM Statue Wars: Shaun King Declares Jesus, Virgin Mary Represents White Supremacy

BLM Statue Wars Shaun King Declares Jesus, Virgin Mary Represents White Supremacy
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In today’s exciting episode of BLM Statue Wars: Shaun King, a white guy pretending to be black, declares Jesus, and the Virgin Mary as representing ‘White Supremacy’ and therefore must be wiped from history.

While wearing his Nike shoes that were built by oppressed workers in Southeast Asia toiling away in sweatshops.

Typing on his iPhone which uses cobalt mined by REAL African slaves in the Congo.

As he eats a salad picked by migrant workers who toil under threat of deportation, forced to work from dawn to dusk, and paid slave wages.

Shaun King tweeted out his latest ‘You’re a Racist’ BLM idiocy:

The liberal Democrats BLM / Antifa revisionist historians began with Confederate generals which quickly escalated to Columbus then former US presidents; now the monument-removal crusade has come for Jesus, with white racial activist Shaun King insisting the depictions are ‘racist propaganda.’

How could Shaun King a white guy pretending to be black not understand that the message of Christ is more important than the image?

Whenever I see a depiction of Christ, regardless of the skin color he is being portrayed as I know who it is and what it means and so does everyone else.

Shaun King is not fighting against oppression, he wants to tear down and destroy images of Jesus in an attack on religion and whites.

As we stated earlier if ‘Talcum X’ wants to fight the oppression of people of color he should start with burning his entire wardrobe, his sneaker collection, and every single bit of technology Shaun King owns.

Shaun King Demands His ‘Look At Me’ Moment

For several weeks now, protesters across the US have targeted “racist” statues – starting with generals who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

But the never satisfied Liberal loony-toons quickly pivoted onto Christopher Columbus, and others they deem unfit by today’s ‘woke’ standards

Then it was onto Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, two of the Founding Fathers of the United States, because they owned slaves in a time when the entire world owned slaves.

The mob’s next target via the Natural History Museum in New York demanded the removal of the statue of 26th, US President Theodore Roosevelt, saying that its depictions of Native Americans and Africans made it a “hurtful symbol of systemic racism.” 

Not even the monument to the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry – an African-American regiment that fought in the Civil War, Or Abrham Lincoln who freed the slaves was spared BLM / Antifa vandalism.

Which has now led to ‘Talcum X’ demanding the elimination of ‘White Jesus’ because it offends his delicate feelings?

Conservative filmmaker Mike Cernovich argued that Shaun King’s tweet amounted to inciting federal hate crimes, comparing it to the Democrats created Ku Klux Klan’s terror campaign against churches.

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