Border Patrol Overwhelmed Amid Migrant Surge Due To Biden Reviving Obama’s ‘Catch-and-Release’ Policy

US Border Patrol has posted online a terrifying gallery of illegal immigrant criminals, including suspected pedophiles, rapists, and murderers
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Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed and it’s all due to President Joe Biden reviving Obama’s “catch-and-release” policies, those force agents to turn illegal immigrants loose into America.

Joe Biden hasn’t even been President a month, and already Border Patrol agents say they’re under siege as the first signs of a migrant surge emerge along America’s Southern Border

U.S. Border Agents, officials, and analysts stated that Joe Biden reversing many of former President Donald Trump’s tough border policies.

Combined with loosening coronavirus restrictions on holding people, and the deteriorating levels of cooperation from Mexico have left parts of the Texas border unable to handle the surge.

One agent told The Washington Times they fear that what is happening in Texas will soon spread west to New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

According to Todd Bensman, a Texas-based homeland security expert and senior fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies:

For now, the Del Rio area of Texas has been ground zero for a Migrant Surge, which reminds many of what had been happening pre-Trump.

Bensman said Haitians, in particular, are streaming into the U.S. by crossing the Rio Grande.

Biden Brings Back Obama’s ‘Catch-and-Release’ Policies

Once captured, Border Patrol has been ordered to follow the Obama era guideline that Joe Biden dusted off mere hours after being sworn in as President.

After being caught, Border Patrol Agents are only allowed to fingerprint and give migrants an immigration court summons before they are released into America to do as they please.

Some of these migrants head to Greyhound buses, while others who are wealthy enough to board planes, said Bensman, pointing to information from a local migrant assistance group.

“We’re on the front end of what will very likely turn into a major migration crisis on the border.

The catch-and-release practice is the single most powerful incentive that exists on earth for illegal mass migration.

Nothing else propels mass migration like catch-and-release, and very very quickly.”

Customs and Border Protection confirmed they are adhering to President Joe Biden’s order to release illegal immigrants into America.

The agency said the number of people attempting to jump the border has risen steadily since soon after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. Which has now surged 10-fold from the moment Joe Biden became President-elect.

One major change, agents and analysts between the time Trump was President, and after Biden replaced him, is in Mexico.

President Trump pressured the Mexican government to hold migrants caught at the U.S. border and to close down their own Souther border.

But Since Joe Biden became President, Mexico has signaled that it will revert back to their gateway to America policies they had during the Obama presidency

Mark Morgan, the immediate past commissioner at CBP, said a staggering 4,500 people are trying to enter the U.S. everyday border wide.

About 1,000 get away or turn back on their own, leaving overwhelmed border agents unable to deal with some 3,500 illegal migrants.

Those few that are caught get expelled under America’s COVID pandemic order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

But Morgan added, even a small number of migrants per day quickly adds up.

In the weeks since Biden took office: “He [Biden] has created the next immigration crisis, which in my opinion is already upon us,” 

Morgan said Biden’s early moves such as:

  • Ordering a 100-day pause on most deportations.
  • Halting border wall construction.
  • Directing the State Department to cancel U.S. cooperation agreements with Central American countries to try to derail some illegal immigration.
  • Ordering Homeland Security to end the Migrant Protection Protocols, better known as Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program.

These moves, along with others by President Biden, have largely dismantled the successful Trump-era policies and replaced them with task forces to ‘study other solutions’.

In the meantime, migrants say they are taking advantage of a chance to rush the border.

The one policy that Joe Biden has surprisingly left in place is the CDC immigration order that relates to the coronavirus pandemic.

But Morgan warned, sooner, rather than later, President Biden will lift the CDC order, and the current migrant problem America is now experiencing along our Southern Border will “become a catastrophic crisis in a couple of days.”

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