Brazil Proves Why COVID Scientists & Coronavirus Data Can’t Be Trusted

Brazil COVID Coronavirus Pandemic
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In Brazil just weeks ago according to the data, and mainstream media reporting COVID was wreaking havoc inside the Amazonian county.

The media were nearly hysterical reporting that the Brazilian hospital system was coming apart. COVID patients were being turned away. Basic medical necessities such as beds, stretchers, oxygen, and PPE had all run out. People were dying at home because ambulances had nowhere to take Coronavirus patients.

The only people that were doing well (financially speaking) inside Brazil, were the gravediggers, and that was only due to not being able to keep up with the dead bodies piling up.

But according to Scientists, and the mainstream media’s hack reporters, there was only one thing was absolute. The human destruction of Brazil due to the Coronavirus pandemic would be “catastrophic”.

BUT SURPRISE! Brazil’s COVID Pandemic is going away all by itself?

A new report in the Washington Post described how the Amazonian city of Manus which has a population of over 2 million, saw hospitalizations plummet even though it had never imposed a lockdown or taken any other of the more drastic containment measures that were implemented in Asia and Europe, and that Joe Biden and the Democrats want to impose on America, and Americans.

Hospitalizations of coronavirus patients plummeted from a peak of more than 1,300 in May to fewer than 300 in August.

Excess deaths in Manaus fell from around 120 per day to practically zero.

On top of that, Brazil is also testing far more residents than it once did.

Many in the liberal-bias fake news media will simply claim this tremendously good COVID news is due to the city reaching herd immunity.

Medical Experts claim that depending on how contagious an infection is, between 70% to 90% of a population needs immunity to achieve herd immunity.

But according to a July 25th’ New York Times article titled: The Coronavirus Unleashed Along the Amazon River” the same impoverished city of Manaus in WaPo’s article hasn’t even reached 20%?

While the concept of herd immunity has long been used to explain the purpose of mass vaccination campaigns. The coronavirus has certainly thrown a monkey wrench in what these so-called “experts’ have been regurgitating for years.

Follow The Science” Umm, Which One?

I’m sure President Trump would love to follow the advice of scientists…That is if these COVID scientists ever get their story straight.

My Lord, over 7-months into the COVID-19 Pandemic and these Coronavirus scientists still can’t tell us if wearing a mask will save us, or kill us.

Here are a few other examples:

Scientists have been studying the possibility that individual variations in vulnerability reduce the ratio of infection at which herd immunity may be achieved.

Some, scrutinizing data from European cities, theorize that herd immunity could be reached at rates lower than 20 percent.

Many other cities around the globe that were once devastated by coronavirus have begun to reopen without second waves, with some just speculating that collective immunity has been reached with no scientific evidence to back their claim.

Harvard epidemiologists have hypothesized that parts of London and New York have already achieved “substantial immunity.”  The same is said by health officials in highly dense areas like India’s Mumbai, though the first recorded COVID-19 re-infection was just confirmed in Hong Kong.

Swedish health experts claimed they too had achieved herd immunity while abstaining from recommended procedures like mask-wearing and harsh lockdowns.

So despite the Democrats and their Mainstream media cohorts regurgitating “Trump must Listen To The Science”.

It sure would be nice if they know a few facts before they start spewing their feelings.

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