BREAKING: Michael Avenatti Remanded to Federal Custody, Denied Bail

Michael Avenatti, CNN's 'Creepy Porn Lawyer' and resident Trump-Hater is headed for federal custody and has been denied bail.

CNN’s Trump-hating ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Michael Avenatti is headed for federal custody and has been denied bail.

According to reports, including those from defense attorney David Wohl, Michael Avenatti “The Creepy Porn Lawyer” was remanded to federal custody, [and] denied bail.

Prosecutors revealed Wednesday that Avenatti’s Tuesday arrest stemmed from allegations that he had been engaging in money laundering while out on bail.

Manhattan federal prosecutor Matthew Podolsky told Judge Paul Gardephe that the allegations are lurid, especially considering the fact that Avenatti has been on pre-trial release since May.

“We understand in substance that the allegations have to do with fraud, money structuring, money laundering, and other crimes by [Avenatti] while he’s been on pre-trial release,” he said during an emergency conference following Avenatti’s Tuesday arrest.

Avenatti is also facing charges in California for embezzlement.

According to the New York Post, unsealed documents claim that Avenatti “illegally moved a nearly $1 million payment to his law firm to another account … in an attempt to hide the funds from creditors he owes upwards of $10 million.”

Avenatti also reportedly attempted to coerce his ex-wife into using $50,000 of his money in order to purchase a Mercedes-Benz vehicle in her own name. The vehicle, according to records, is a vehicle mainly used by him and his driver.




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