BREAKING: President Trump to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin On Tuesday

President Trump Will Never Not Start Another Endless War
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President Trump to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, the city that has seen widespread violence, and looting since last Sunday when a white police officer shot, Jacob Blake, a Black man.

Trump, who was in Texas to view storm damage after Hurricane Laura, told reporters that he will meet with Kenosha law enforcement officials on Tuesday to assess the damage to the city caused by days of unrest perpetrated by Black Lives Matter supporters and Antifa anarchists.

BLM, Antifa descended on Kenosha last Sunday after a viral video showed a white Kenosha police officer shooting Jacob Blake 7-times in the back after he resisted arrest, and attempted to reach for a concealed knife hidden under the floorboard of his car.

Blake remains in hospital and is reported to be paralyzed from the waist down.

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