Breitbart’s John Hayward Slams Fake News For Their Latest Trump-Hate Idiocy

Politico Warns That Trump Will Use Coronavirus To Cancel 2020 Election
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You know you’re scraping the bottom of fake news barrel when they have become so deceitful with their Trump-Hate idiocy.

That you’re writing an article about the mainstream media reporting that Trump supposedly told people they should start shooting up Lysol and/or start gargling with bleach to cure the coronavirus.

With the media’s reporting such as it is, one has to question ‘Am I living through the most imbecilic dishonest time in our nation’s history?’

Breitbart’s John Hayward explained just how moronic the mainstream media’s reporting has become:

Of course, Breitbart’s John Hayward is correct, but with such an obvious twisting of what President Trump said, the question becomes, WHY?

The only answer I can see, is the fake news media know they already lost their ‘Trump has Coronavirus blood on his hands’ tale.

And without any obvious recourse to change the direction of the outcome. they’re not left with throwing whatever they can against the wall in hopes that one of their Trump hate fabrications sticks.

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