Bret Baier Drops The Reality Hammer On Nancy Pelosi

Bret Baier
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Fox News anchor Bret Baier wanted to “set the record straight” on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her role in delaying funding to American businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Baier called out the California Democrat during a discussion with co-hosts of “ The Five ” on Thursday, exposing her for causing delays to the Paycheck Protection Program while blaming Republicans. (Source: Fox News )

As Democrats fought over additions to the legislation that would re-fund the small business loan program, Republicans slammed Pelosi and her caucus for blocking a Senate effort earlier in the month which would have infused $250 billion in new funds to the coronavirus relief program.

“I want to correct that record,” Pelosi announced from the House floor on Thursday, adding that “nothing could be further from the truth.”

“To say we delayed this, no, you delayed this,” she said, directing her remarks to Republicans and especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who was seeking a “clean bill” and unanimous consent on the measure.

Democrats, however, wanted to add even more funding for local governments, hospitals and disadvantaged businesses, with Pelosi declaring that it was actually Republicans who “refused to accept the fact that we needed $100 billion for our hospitals, and our testing.”

The Fox News co-hosts of “The Five” discussed the partisan finger-pointing, with Jesse Watters calling out Pelosi for “trying to steal Trump’s thunder and make Democrats roll over at her parliamentary maneuvers.”Liberal Juan Williams thought it was “bad form to play the political blame game when people are suffering” but called out McConnell for some of his rhetoric. Baier interjected to school Williams on Pelosi’s tactics.“Let’s just set the record straight here,” the host of “ Special Report ”


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