On Wednesday, TuskerDaily reported on the horrific photo of black lives matter supporter, Isaiah Jackson, shown kneeling on the neck of a white baby. Incredibly Brian Papin, a Special Education teacher at Cedar Grove High School in Atlanta, Georgia, made this repugnant incident even worse.

Where’s The Cancel Culture When It Comes To A Repugnant a POS Like Brian Papin?

Brian Papin’s LinkedIn page, he has been a special education teacher at Cedar Grove High School since July 2018.

The viral photo which was captioned with “Blm now me,” showed Isaiah Jackson kneeling on the neck of his girlfriend’s two-year-old son as another person held the crying baby’s arms behind his back. And that egregious photo caught the attention of one Brian Papin.

Instead of condemning the horrific act, Papin, in a Facebook comment, encouraged Isaiah Jackson to “lean into it until death.”

“Again! Your doing it wrong! One knee on the center of the back one one the neck and lean into it until death! You saw the video! Get it right or stop f***ing around!” 

Brian Papin a Special Education Teacher In Georgia Encouraged BLM Supporter Isaiah Jackson To Lean Into It Until Death
Screenshot courtesy of Nationalist Review.

Isaiah Jackson Update

According to Clark County, Ohio, Sheriff – Persons Currently In Custody Website.

The 6’2″ 175lb, 20-year-old, Isaiah Anthony Wayne Jackson is currently in custody for an undisclosed probation violation.

Clark County Prosecutor’s office stated the charges against 20-year-old Isaiah Jackson are pending and he is being held on a probation violation after an investigation was launched into the horrific photo.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Kristopher Shultz said in a media release that a case against Jackson has been presented to the prosecutor’s office who will “provide a determination on the scope and breadth of the felony charges” that Jackson will face.

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