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British historian Dan Snow thinks two potentially devastating hurricanes bearing down on the United States will be a good thing, since the HistoryHit.TV host believes they would disrupt next week’s Republican national convention and stick it to Donald Trump.

Tropical Storms Laura and Marco are moving through the Gulf of Mexico towards Texas and Louisiana and are projected to make landfall on Monday and Tuesday, less than 24 hours apart.

One would think that even Trump-hating liberals, like Dan Snow, would find the potential destruction and loss of life heartbreaking of two hurricane’s hitting the U.S. would be enough to temper their TDS hearts.

But as we’ve come to know with Liberal leftists, and as Dan Snow proves, not even two potentially destructive hurricanes can match for the power of Trump Derangement Syndrom (TDS).

Dan Snow managed to find the pitch-dark lining of these two tempests slate-colored clouds.

Snow, the popular British media personality famous for his historical filmmaker has hopes that these two potentially deadly storms, will smash “into Trump-voting states the night before the climate crisis denying authoritarian’s acceptance speech” during the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Despite Snow living across the pond, and his United Kingdom having a multitude of problems including the one we tweeted to this mental midget in our response to his idiocy, somehow this twittering twit feels the need to scream TRUUUUUUMP!

Here is TuskerDaily’s response to Dan Snow’s Trump-hating TDS idiocy:

Dan Snow…Way To Promote Your HistoryHit.TV

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