Harriman Village police arrest Jay Vasquez-Paulino

New York police have shared a shocking video that shows a Bronx man violently assaulting his girlfriend at their job before he was eventually released with an appearance ticket under the state’s new bail reform.


Harriman Village police say Jay Vasquez-Paulino, 20, of the Bronx assaulted a woman he dated for about a month at their job at Superior Packing in Harriman on Tuesday.

Police, who provided the video, say Vasquez-Paulino punched the woman, threw a phone at her and kicked her.

At one point on the video, Vasquez-Paulino stepped out of the building, removed a large kitchen knife from a backpack and concealed it up to his sleeve.

Later during another attack on his girlfriend, you can see Vasquez-Paulino pulling the end of the knife out of his sleeve to threaten the woman.

Harriman Village police arrested Vasquez-Paulino and he was charged with several misdemeanors.

But due to Governor Cuomo and the New York State Democrats New Bail Reform Bill that went into effect Jan 1st, the Police were required by law to release Vasquez-Paulino with an appearance ticket.

But if asked about this brutal attack I’m sure Cuomo and the Democrats will cry ‘It’s All Trump’s Fault’.

Watch this shocking video which is made even more infuriating in my eyes by the guy sitting on the bench doing nothing as Vasquez-Paulino first started beating on his girlfriend.

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