Bubba Wallace Still Hasn’t Apologized For Calling Americans Who Didn’t Believe NASCAR’s Noose Story ‘Simpleminded Racists’

Bubba Wallace Noose calls americans simpleminded racist
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When news broke of a supposed ‘NOOSE‘ being found inside his Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage. We immediately called it fake news.

This latest ‘Noose’ story started sounding almost exactly like the scenario of another supposed noose found hanging in NYC just days earlier.

Of course, in both cases, before even one fact had been reported, the fake news media and woke Democrats pounced on the story to push their “America is racist” agenda.

As far as the Harlem case, less than 48-hours after New York Governor preened:

“I am disgusted by the recent discovery of a noose – the epitome of hatred and an evil icon of our nation’s racist past – in Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park.

The investigation proved that the supposed ‘HARLEM NOOSE‘ had been hanging in the tree SINCE OCTOBER 2019. And the so-called “noose’ was nothing more than a leftover rope that was used to haul construction equipment up scaffolding during the reconstruction of the park’s landmark fire tower.

Knowing the fact that the NASCAR garages are under heavy surveillance, and only Drivers, their crews, and NASCAR officials are the only ones allowed to enter the garage area, and the fact that no picture was immediately released, set off alarm bells.

So moments after the Bubba Wallace noose story broke, we reported:

“This supposed Bubba Wallace noose incident could, and in our opinion will more likely turn out to be another false alarm propelled by the growing hysteria over racial issues by an out-of-control fake news media who are now reporting on “feelings” rather than “facts.”

Bubba Wallace who never saw the noose is apparently unwilling to wait for actual facts. The 26-year-old race-driver quickly pounced on the incident writing on social media that he was “incredibly saddened” by the “despicable act of racism and hatred.”

We blasted Bubba Wallace’s original statement. In his “Americans are Racist’ diatribe, despite Wallace saying he wasn’t present when the supposed noose was discovered. Nor had he seen a picture of it.

Bubba Wallace still had no qualms about calling it a “despicable act of racism and hatred,” that left him saddened knowing just how far America has to go to end racism.

Of course, if anyone else in the world who happened to be black had heard “We found a noose in your work area,’ the first thing they would have said was “Let me see it.”

But Bubba’s first reaction was ‘I’m outraged, get me my PR people so we can write a tweet”

But after the FBI agents swarmed in to conduct an investigation that found it was, what everyone on social media had already known from the start. That the noose turned out to be nothing more than a garage door pull rope.

But Bubba Wallace went on ‘The View’ and declared anyone who doubted his story a ‘simpleminded racist,’ who are only pushing their conspiracy theories to “sleep better at night”.

We Called It Bubba Wallace’s Garage 'Noose' Was Fake News




Just hours after Bubba Wallace called millions of Americans simpleminded racist, the FBI ended their investigation declaring the incident a ‘Fake Noose’ story.

But of course, Bubba Wallace’s drunk off his newfound attention, wouldn’t go quietly into that good night.

Since MSNBC’s Joy Reid only works weekends, Bubba went on CNN with their resident racist host America hating host, Don Lemon.

Because only Joy Reid and Don Lemon are 100% guaranteed to let you spew as much Hate-America stupidity as you could muster, without the slightest pushback to your idiocy.

Not only did Bubba Wallace double-down on the claim that it was a noose, but he also claimed he had the evidence. Of course, Bubba wouldn’t show the evidence, nor did Don Lemon ask to see it.

Even more moronic Bubba Wallace told the Washington Post this absolute 100% verifiable lie:

“When I did find out, I was very adamant about searching all the garages and making sure this wasn’t a garage pull and it ended up being one.

The photo images that I’ve seen and that I have in my possession of what was in our garage is exactly a garage pull. It is. That is a noose.

I don’t know when we’ll get to the point to release that image, but anybody that sees it, it’s alerting. It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up for sure.”

Wait. What?

  • Does Bubba Wallace need permission to release the image that he has in his possession?
  • Told WaPo he wanted to make sure it wasn’t a “garage pull.” But then the next day on “The View” labeled anyone who said it was a “garage pull” a ‘simpleminded racists who just wanted to sleep better’.

Bubba Wallace Eviscerated For His ‘America is Racist’ Doubling-Down.

After his appearance on the View, and Don Lemon didn’t go so well and his statement after the FBI claimed it was a fake-noose story went over even worse.

Bubba Wallace issued a new statement, which ironically should have been his first and only statement he ever made since this ‘noose’ hoax went public.

Of course, the one thing missing from his latest statement is Bubba Wallace failing to apologize to the millions of Americans he declared as ‘simpleminded racists’ for having the audacity to doubt what he claimed as fact.

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