Cancel culture mob has decided to step into the ring with ‘Rocky’ after they became triggered by his Mar-a-Lago membership.

The man who played Rocky Balboa and John Rambo made the social media mob and leftist ideologues apoplectic on Monday as news spread of his membership at former President Trump’s exclusive club.

“Stallone” and “Rambo” trended on Twitter with insults and vows to boycott the upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie, which features a Sly-voiced version of “King Shark.”

Sylvester Stallone and President Donald Trump

Cancel Culture Mob Looking To Knock ‘Rocky’ The F*** Out

A sampling of the online vitriol aimed at the iconic actor within the “Stallone” hashtag includes:




  1. these lying filthy sociopathic cancel culture mob bastards are not just wrong on EVERYTHING, but they’re also the scum of the earth, period. Period.

  2. Democrat Religious tolerance on parade. The Democrat is also the party of piece, the KKK. BLM, Antifa, OWS, etc

  3. The Cancel Culture Bastards are the ones that need CANCELED! The Satanic Socialist Dumbocraps Party of hate are the ones than need Canceled. They are the ASSHOILES that trying to destroy our country! Semper Fi.


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