Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap Billboard

An Ohio Pizza Shop owner should have known before putting up this hysterical billboard that Liberal Democrat Fatopotamuses lost their sense of humor decades ago.


BARBERTON, Ohio – A pizza shop in Ohio is known to use funny slogans in their ads. But one customer complained that their most recent billboard was in poor taste.

Jeremy Clemetson owns a franchise location of East of Chicago Pizza in Barberton, Ohio.

FOX 8 reports that in the past year, he’s started injecting humor into his outdoor advertising, with phrases such as: “If it’s not there in 30 minutes, move closer”, “Free box with every pizza”, and “You will never have abs so order pizza.”

Ohio Pizza Shop Billboard


Clemetson said he scours the internet for inspiration for his signs.

His newest ad borrowed from a popular T-shirt sold online, which read, “Fat people are harder to kidnap.” Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap

He posted it on the restaurant’s Facebook page, where he said it spent weeks without negative comments.

But one customer filed a complaint with the restaurant’s corporate headquarters, prompting Clemetson to remove the sign from the front of his store.

The complaint said the slogan mocked those who are overweight, and suggested the reference to kidnapping was in poor taste considering January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Clemetson said his intention was never to offend anyone.

“I never even thought about it in that way, kidnapping is not a joke, we are taking it down,” Clemetson said. “But there are still going to be more funny signs up here and more funny signs around the community, and if anyone has any comments, my door is always open.”


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