What’s that old saying ‘Fool me once shame on You, Fool me Twice Shame on Me.’ Anyone who believes CBS reporting is factual should feel very ashamed at this moment.

On March 30th TuskerDaily reported that CBS This Morning, apologized for airing a misleading video during an interview with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo bashing FEMA and President Trump for the apparent lack of ventilators.

The video CBS showed had viewers believing it was footage from an overwhelmed New York hospital room packed with patients suffering from complications related to the coronavirus, when in fact the video CBS was showing was from AN ITALIAN EMERGENCY ROOM!

Only after the public outrage grew loud enough did CBS finally apologized for the blatant lie, blaming the ‘error’ on an editing mistake.

Of course, media apologist will cry ‘How can we call what CBS did a blatant lie?’

Well, CBS just provided us with all the evidence we need.

Less than 2-weeks after CBS News fraudulently showed footage of an Italian Hospital while implying it was from NYC… They Did It Again.

CBS showed the same exact Italian Hospital footage they used 2-weeks before, while again discussing the fight against COVID-19 in the United States.

Even more egregious the CBS report showed a New York Healthcare worker claiming ‘We only have 6-days until we run out of ventilators’.

I assume CBS must have missed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo press conference announcing that he’s comfortable with the number of ventilators in his state, stating:

“We don’t need any additional ventilators right now,” 


It seems CBS News is incapable of learning, or simply doesn’t care about reporting the truth.

It’ll be interesting to hear their excuse for this one.

H/T Breitbart


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