Chelsea Handler: Is It Ethical To Air Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings?

Chelsea Handler Trump Coronavirus Briefings
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Not funny Comedian Chelsea Handler has joined the left-wing media’s attempts to block the public from seeing parts or all of President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings.

The notoriously drunk Chelsea Handler cried that news organizations ought to consider if it’s “ethical” and safe to continue broadcasting Trump’s Daily White House Coronavirus COVID-19 Press Briefings.

The left-wing CNN and MSNBC have already begun cutting away from President Trump’s briefings, refusing to air the full press conferences. “All of us should stop broadcasting it, honestly,” MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said last month. “It’s going to cost lives.”

The three major broadcast networks — ABC News, NBC News, and CBS News — have followed suit,  sometimes switching to other programming in the middle of the president’s briefing.

Chelsea Handler tweeted Sunday that President Trump is giving American’s “false information,” and that the news media are helping to spread his “misinformation.” She said news outlets should ask themselves if airing the press conferences is in the public interest, citing “ethical and health safety”  concerns.

Even Democrats Told Chelsea Handler to  Stick To Drinking herself Silly and Stay Out Of Politics

Of course, we can always go by what the Democrats Have Been spewing about Coronavirus:

  • Jan 14, WHO declared no evidence of human-to-human transmission of virus.
  • Jan 31, Trump bans travel from Wuhan, Media call President Trump a racist xenophobe, cite “experts” claiming it is counterproductive.
  • Feb 1, Florence, Italy, holds “Hug a Chinese Person Day”.
  • Feb 4, President Trump dedicates part of State of the Union Address to the Coronavirus issue
  • Feb 5, Schumer tweets then deletes calling Trump an overreacting racist for his China travel ban

Senator Chuck-Schumer Deleted Coronavirus-Trump racist tweet

  • Feb 9, NYC holds Chinatown parade with assurances of no danger from the mayor
  • Feb 24, Pelosi says to shop more: “‘Come to Chinatown … come join us”
  • Feb 25, Mardi Gras was held with few people sounding warnings
  • Feb 26, Pence takes over task force, daily briefings begin.
  • March 3, NYC mayor encourages New Yorkers to go to the movies.
  • March 5, NYC mayor rides the subway to assure people it is safe to do so.
  • March 11, WHO finally acknowledged the Coronavirus is a Pandemic

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