Utica Police Nab Man Who Assaulted Restaurant Staff After He Was Informed Of Michigan's Face Mask Law

Cher threw a hissy fit on Twitter after her #SaveThePostOffice Saturday Trump-Hate event had even fewer people than even a Joe Biden rally.

The last time we heard from Cher was about a week ago when the unhinged Hollywood hag was warning her fellow la la land liberals that evil Donald Trump was stealing the election by doing some dictator stuff to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

Cher is so uneducated she hysterically thought she could become a USPS volunteer and personally ride to the post office’s rescue.


USPS told Cher where to mail her idea to, because, you know, the USPS just doesn’t allow anyone coming off the street handling checks, bank statements, prescriptions, and all sorts of other valuable packages.

After the USPS educated the dimwitted Democrat and of course, had themselves a hearty laugh at her expense.

Cher came up with a new plan of action #SaveThePostOffice

Teaming up with such unbiased political organizations such as MoveOn.org, and the Democrats Fundraising scam ActBlue.org.

Cher pleaded with her 8.8 million followers that in order to save our democracy they needed to show up to at their local Post Offices on Saturday, Aug. 22nd to #SaveThePostOffice

Save The Post Office Poster

Shockingly, NOT SHOCKINGLY… Cher’s #SaveThePostOffice Saturday Was A Total Bust!

After only a few people showed for her #SaveThePostOffice stupidity…Cher let her ‘No One Cares’ followers know how disappointed she is.


CBS in Philly did their best to spin their nonsense into factual information.

My favorites part was when the CBS reported “Tens of Protesters” attended the Save the Post office rally.

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