Cher Tweets Trump Hatred
Loony Liberal musician Cher Tweets another of her repugnant rants after President Trump supposedly suggested that he might accept the Republican nomination for president in Gettysburg.

In an eye-watering all caps tweet on Saturday, Cher attacked President Trump, saying that if he had the “mendacity” to set foot there [Gettysburg], she hopes the ground opens “and we never see his ugly face again.”

She then added that the long-dead Harriet Tubman, who led slaves from the South to freedom in the North during the American Civil War, could “kick [Trump’s] a**.”

Of course, like every Hollywood Harlot, Cher needed to resort to feelings” rather Than fact.

While President Trump did say he was open to making a speech at Gettysburg at a later date. BEFORE Cher tweeted her abhorrent fantasy, President Trump had already stated in a New York Post interview that his acceptance speech would likely take place at the White House.

Cher Tweeting Repugnant Trump-Hate Hyperbole Is Nothing New

Cher’s wishing violence and harm on President Trump shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

She recently blamed President Trump for the “torturing and killing” of the 160,000-plus Americans who have died from Covid-19, saying he “kills Americans without thought.”

Last year she hoped that President Trump would be sexually assaulted in prison — a tweet she deleted but did not apologize for.

British journalist Piers Morgan rightfully pointed out the La La Land liberals double standard that these Hollywood hypocrites have when it comes to Trump.

Even More Cher Tweets

Here are a few of the other tweets that amazingly Twitter seems not to take notice of? Of course, as we reported last week, TuskerDaily was suspended from Twitter for a week because he showed evidence that Alyssa Milano lied about having the Coronavirus.


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