According to Cheri Jacobus President Trump has his Secret Police Force / Paramilitary / Stormtroopers wearing imaginary CGI armor to appease Putin and Russia.

One must wonder if someone stands by with a fire extinguisher just in case one of these Delusional Never Trumpers hair suddenly catches on fire due to overheating their one brain cell in creating their maddening idiocy?

According to celebrated Russiagate rube Cheri Jacobus, Putin has “ordered” US cops to wear cyberpunk armor that, oh, by the way, DOESN’T EXIST!

Cheri Jacobus, a popular #NeverTrump Twitter pundit, and Russian collusion peddler, has joined the growing chorus of triggered twittering twits over the use of federal law enforcement to help restore order in Portland, Oregon, which has seen two months of increasingly violent demonstrations.

While most liberal leftists have focused labeling federal officers as ‘Trump’s Paramilitary Force’

Or claiming that President Trump’s secret militarized troops are using excessive force against Black Lives Matter ‘Peaceful Protesters. Jacobus took aim at Trump supposedly equipping his stormtroopers with terrifying body armor at the behest of his Russian puppet master Vladimir Putin.

“Trump’s America. Putin told him to do this – to ‘dominate,’” the celebrated social media intellectual wrote. She included a photograph of a “US police officer” decked out in a futuristic face mask

Of Course, Cheri Jacobus believes in the Democrats mantra ‘When You Have Feelings…Then F**k Facts”

Despite Jacobus presenting overwhelming evidence (lol) that Trump had transformed federal agents into cyborgs in order to appease his Russian masters.

There were several annoying Buzz Kills who rudely interupted the leftist delusions with Facts.

Jacobus’ “Trump Cyborgs” was actually CGI art that dates back to at least August 2016, months before Trump was even elected.