Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, President Donald Trump

Hours after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened President Donald Trump saying ‘Under no conditions will she allow Trump’s ‘troops’ to terrorize Windy City residents,14 people shot in a hail of gunfire outside a Chicago funeral home.

Amazingly, Mayor Lightweight is upset because President Trump only wants to send federal authorities to protect the residents of Chicago from the surge in gun violence that has taken over large Democrat-run cities.

Of course, the surge in shooting coincides perfectly with Democrat Mayors like Lightfoot, NYC’s moronic mayor Bill de Blasio kowtowing to the BLM/Antifa terrorist demands.

If only these Democrat mayors could paint another Black Lives Matter Street mural, I’m sure everything will be alright.

No Matter How Much The Democrats Cry, Under The U.S. Constitution President Trump Absolutely Has The Authority To Send Troops Into Their Shithole Cities.

Following up Democrat Mayor’s such as Portland’s Ted Wheeler, and Seattle’s Mental Midget Mayor Jenny Durkan long ago ceding control of their city’s to anarchists.

On Monday a handful of Democratic mayors sent a letter to Congress demanding that the government withdraw federal law enforcement agents from their cities and launch a congressional investigation into their “unconstitutional terror tactics.”

Among those signing was Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who made it clear Tuesday that under no circumstances will she let President Trump’s “troops” terrorize the citizens of Chicago, who are all living in peace and harmony; oh, wait:

14 people shot in a hail of gunfire outside a Chicago funeral home.

Fourteen people were shot and wounded in a barrage of gunfire at a Chicago funeral Tuesday, with police now combing the neighborhood for suspects.

At least 60 shell casings were recovered from the scene at 79th Street and Carpenter Street in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood, where the exchange of gunfire erupted shortly before 7:30 pm., police said.

First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said the shooting started when a black car drove by the funeral and opened fire on mourners, several of whom returned fire on the vehicle.

“At which time the vehicle midway down the block crashed and came to a halt,” Carter told reporters.

“The occupants of the vehicle then exited in multiple directions and fled. We currently have a person of interest being interviewed by our detective in the area.”

“There are 14 victims being treated at five area hospitals,” he said. “Conditions are unknown at this time.”

Police did not release details of the funeral and said the investigation is ongoing.

The shooting comes as the Windy City continues to be plagued by a rash of gunplay.

Police said 25 people were shot in on Monday, four of them fatally. That followed a weekend that saw 63 shooting victims and 12 people killed by gunfire.

Democrat Mayors Need To Read The U.S. Constitution

During Tuesday’s White House press briefing ABC News’ Trump-hating journalist Jonathan Karl challenged Harvard Law School graduate Kayleigh McEnany to explain what allows President Trump to send Federal authorities into U.S. cities:

Famed constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley provided more detail to Karl who apparently is too lazy to do a Google search.

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