I’m positive (insert rolling eyes) Chuck Todd offering John Bolton a full hour on ‘Meet the Press’ is due to him wanting to uncover the truth.


While discussing the possibility of former National Security Advisor John Bolton testifying in the Senate impeachment trial, during MSNBC’s special coverage Wednesday morning, anchor Chuck Todd eagerly offered the ex Trump aide the “full hour” of Sunday’s Meet the Press to air accusations against the President.

The exchange actually began with fellow MSNBC anchor Ari Melber criticizing Bolton’s motivation for not sharing his account of what happened with Ukraine earlier in order to sell a book: “John Bolton has determined this stuff – he doesn’t think this is classified, he doesn’t think it endangers national security, he is holding it back to monetize it.”

And I do think people around the country, across the ideological spectrum, are sick and tired of people in Washington saying, “I have a story and if I can make commas on it, if I can make millions of dollars on it, I’m going to hold it back.” He could speak right now…

Todd replied: “You’re not wrong…. I buy the idea he is sensitive to the criticism that it looks like he was holding back…”

Desperate for the exclusive interview with someone he thought could damage President Trump, Todd offered: “By the way, full hour. I would have to take a couple of commercial breaks, but he can have the full hour.”

Ari Melber happily reiterated: “Full hour, there you go.”

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