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Clay Travis Sold Out His ‘OutKick’ Fan Base To Fox

Fox Buys Clay Travis Outkick Now Bend The Knee

In late July of 2011, founder Clay Travis launched OutKick with the promise that it will speak truth to power, and nothing is off-limits.

Clay Travis was able to back up his boisterous rhetoric because, as he stated on countless occasions ‘I have no overlord to kowtow to since I own OutKick.’

Because of OutKick’s unapologetic truthfulness, I, along with millions of others have become huge supporters of Clay Travis because he kept his pledge.

In fact, just last week TuskerDaily credited Clay Travis, and Outkick for enlightening us on how ESPN was using the NFL 2021 Draft to spew their race-baiting woke agenda.

Clay Travis Sells Out!

Yesterday, Clay Travis, founder of OutKick which had gained millions of followers on his promising to never hide from speaking the truth because he has no master to appease…

Bent the knee to his new Fox overlord master holding a fist full of dollars.

When announcing the deal, right on cue, Clay Travis proved he’s a sellout, writing:

…OutKick has been my life’s work for the past decade.

We’ve all poured countless amounts of energy into this site and this business with the goal of trying to be smart, original, funny, and authentic on a daily basis.

And every single day, whether you agree or disagree with me, I’ve put my heart and soul into OutKick, telling you exactly what I think as the world has moved increasingly in the direction where few individuals in this country feel completely comfortable saying what they truly believe.

…As the big tech companies have grown, their power has become virtually unchecked. I’ve seen these big tech companies stifle OutKick articles and ideas they disagree with and seen how their actions have impacted our business in a major way.

Hey Clay Travis…What The F**K Is Fox?

Clay Travis claimed he sold out because he wanted to protect OutKick from Big-Tech’s Cancel Culture mob, stating:

I’ve wrestled with the question of what’s the best path forward for OutKick in light of the looming power of big-tech and its ability to cancel anyone.

What would happen if suddenly all of OutKick’s social media outlets were shut down like what happened to the New York Post this past fall?

Umm, Clay, maybe you haven’t done your due diligence. But The New York Post is owned by Fox, and that didn’t stop them from being canceled.

So how in any way does this protect OutKick from Big-Tech or their cancel culture mob of mental midgets? 

How Much Did Clay Travis Sell Out His OutKick Fanbase For?

After Clay Travis announced he sold out, he went on to claim that OutKick is going to get much bigger and much better immediately.

Of course, Clay Travis, conveniently didn’t explain exactly how selling OutKick to Fox will benefit its fan base? 

If OutKick was already telling the truth, what’s Clay gonna do, promise to give us twice the amount of OutKick truthfulness?

After being a loyal listener, and OutKick YouTube watcher, I can guarantee you that if it was reported that Robert Murdoch bought ‘The Athletic’.

Clay Travis will make it a point to say how much the Athletic sold out for, and which players benefited monetarily from the sale.

But amazing, Clay Travis never mentioned how much he sold out his fan base for?

Thanks For Everything…Here’s a Big Fat Nothing!

Clay Travis went on to thank everyone for making him and his family ungodly rich:

For all the people who have worked at OutKick and all of you who have read me since I posted my first word on the internet back in 2004, I’m profoundly grateful.

Of course, those people who helped Clay Travis make OutKick what it has become.

Won’t receive so much as a dime from the hundreds of millions he reaped from selling out.

I’m Not Going Anywhere…Until Fox Fires Me

Clay Travis swore that he’s not going anywhere and our [OutKick] content won’t change:

I will remain the president of OutKick, I will continue to produce the same shows I always have, and I’ll continue to oversee our editorial direction as I have for the past ten years.

Really? Guess Clay Travis forgot to mention ‘until the inevitable ratings drop, or I utter some off-handed remark that was so offensive it’ll spur the cancel culture warriors into pouncing.’

If you’re Not The Owner…YOU’RE A COG!

No matter how big Clay Travis thinks he is, or how crucial he believes he is to OutKick.

If your not the owner, your simply a cog in the machine that can easily be replaced.

Remember Bill O’Reilly, after dominating the ratings for over a decade for Fox.

All it took was a friggin luffa for Fox to send him packing.

And if Clay Travis believes Mega Giant Fox won’t influence his decisions in any way, then he’s far dumber than we thought.

First, Outkick in the grand scheme of things is just a flyspeck on the pile of poop that Robert Murdoch owns.

Second, what will Clay Travis do if Rupert Murdoch calls and says “Don’t Say The Election Was Stolen From Trump”…Threaten to quit?

Would you go to the mat protecting an employee who did something questionable if OutKick amounted to 0.1% of Rupert Murdoch’s 100 Billion Dollar Empire?

Case in point, no matter how much Bill O’Reilly dominated the ratings or the amount of money his ‘O’Reilly Report’ show lined Fox’s bank account.

Robert Murdoch didn’t lose a second’s worth of sleep, axing the face of his Fox News Channel.

And as Tucker Carlson proved, no matter how big one person believes he is to Murdoch’s empire.

They can be replaced as easily as changing a light bulb.

So thanks Clay Travis, for stabbing every person in the back after convincing them that ‘OutKick’ would never shy from reporting the truth because you owned it.

Now, like LeBron James, no matter how rich you are, after you sell out. You’re simply another cog in the machine now trying to appease your overlord masters in hopes they don’t replace you with something more obedient.

I wish Clay Travis and his family all the best

Outkick has been a shining beacon of light, truth, and entertainment like no other for the past 5 years or so.

Much of that has been due to Clay Travis’s unapologetic opinions that he could have without much fear because as he’s reminded us so often, ‘He was the freaking owner.’

But after crying about LeBron James, the NBA, Disney, and La La Land Hollywood kowtowing to China.
For Clay Travis to insult his fan base by now claiming ‘nothing will change’ is simply egregious.
In fact, Clay Travis claiming ‘nothing will change‘ only proves it already has.

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