This Climate Change article is based on excerpts from Dr. Steen Koonin’s book, “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters” (BenBella Books), out May 4.

Dr. Steven Koonin Is No Republican Climate Change Denier.

Dr. Steven Koonin was appointed the U.S. Department of Energy’s second Senate-confirmed Under Secretary for Science serving in the Obama administration from May 19, 2009, to November 18, 2011.

Koonin helped guide the government’s investments in green energy technologies and climate science, writing:

“I found great satisfaction in these roles, helping to define and catalyze actions that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the agreed-upon imperative that would “save the planet.” 

According to Koonin’s new book, the public gets their climate information almost exclusively from the media, and we know how well they report facts. Climate Change unsettled

Koonin stated that very few reporters actually read the climate change assessment summaries, let alone the reports and research papers themselves.

As a result, they report on the headlines, meaning most people don’t get the whole story or the facts about what the study concluded. 

Because most government officials are not themselves scientists, they regurgitate the media’s climate change “agenda” or “narrative.” 

How many times have you heard the Democrats, and their Media Cohorts Screeching  ‘The Science,” is settled? 

We all heard Democrats, and the mainstream media shrieking over and over and over again that:

  • Humans have broken the earth’s climate.
  • Temperatures are rising.
  • Sea level is Rising.
  • The ice caps are melting.

And of course, The Climate Change NOW activist pounce on every heatwave, Hurricane, Drought, Flood, and Wildfire as proof of the ever-worsening scourge that the evil humans are inflicting upon our defenseless planet.

We Only Have 12-Years Left Because Of Climate Change

AOC and her climate Change crazies declare that Greenhouse gas emissions are causing all the damage, and unless American’s make radical changes to society, “The Science” says Our Earth is doomed…DOOMED I TELL YOU!

Yes, Koonin wrote that it’s true that the Earth is warming, and that humans are exerting a warming influence upon it.

But beyond that — to paraphrase the classic movie “The Princess Bride” — “I do not think ‘The Science’ says what you think it says.” 

For example, both research literature and a government report clearly state that heatwaves in the U.S. are now no more common than they were in 1900.

Also that the warmest temperatures in the US have not risen in the past fifty years. When I tell people this, most are incredulous. Some gasp. And some get downright hostile. 

These are almost certainly not the only climate facts you haven’t heard.

Here are three more that might surprise you, drawn from recently published research or assessments of climate science published by the US government and the UN: 

  •  Humans have had no detectable impact on hurricanes over the past century. 
  • Greenland’s ice sheet isn’t shrinking any more rapidly today than it was 80 years ago. 
  • The global area burned by wildfires has declined more than 25 percent since 2003 and 2020 was one of the lowest years on record. 

Climate Change Emergency Based On A Lie!

In late 2013 Koonin started having doubts when he was asked by the American Physical Society to lead an update of its public statement on climate.

As part of that effort, in January 2014 Koonin convened a workshop with a specific objective: to “stress test” the state of climate science. 

Koonin came away from the APS workshop not only surprised but shaken by the realization that climate science was far less mature than he had believed.

In his book Koonin documented what he had discovered: 

“Humans exert a growing, but physically small, warming influence on the climate.

The results from many different climate models disagree with, or even contradict, each other and many kinds of observations.

In short, the science is insufficient to make useful predictions about how the climate will change over the coming decades, much less what effect our actions will have on it.”

Koonin added that:

In the seven years since that workshop, I watched with dismay as the public discussions of climate and energy became increasingly distant from the science.

Phrases like “climate emergency,” “climate crisis” and “climate disaster” are now routinely bandied about to support sweeping policy proposals to “fight climate change” with government interventions and subsidies.

Not surprisingly, the Biden administration has made climate and energy a major priority infused throughout the government, with the appointment of John Kerry as a climate envoy and proposed spending of almost $2 trillion dollars to fight this “existential threat to humanity.” 



  1. Common sense told me it was a lie long time ago. And as for the people in the audience clapping, is also a lie. The sound is coming from a machine. The games these children will play!

  2. I thought it was Global Warming? Of course at the turn of the twentieth century it was the new Ice Age.


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