Well, we don’t call him clueless Joe Biden the human gaffe machine for nothing.


Joe Biden the front runner of the Democrats clown car of 2020 Presidential candidates isn’t ending 2019 very well.

After his less than 24-hour flip-flopping on whether he would show up if subpoenaed by the Senate to testify at the Trump Impeachment hearing.

Clueless Joe Biden is ending 2019 on fire!

During a Q&A on Saturday in Washington, Iowa, the former VP wanted to provide an example of how all his ‘Free, NOT Free’ give-a-ways were paid for.

Clueless Joe Biden claimed people who clip-coupons for a living should be rewarded.

If we were to make sure that people who are clip-coupon for a living we should reward their work, not just wealth.

If clipping coupons is basically where you’re making all your worth and you’re making 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 million dollars a year you should pay at the tax rate you’re listed at.

Wait. What? 

Besides, clipping-coupons have nothing to do with paying off any government program that didn’t stop ole’ clueless from his sputtering his absurdity.

In what reality does Joe Biden believe coupon-clippers pull in a 50 million-dollar salary?

Of course, if Donald Trump had said something so idiotic, the liberal-bias media would claim this as numbers 18,567, 68, 69, 70 and 71 times President Donald Trump has lied to the American people.

While you watch the video below, I’ll be heading over to Ziprecruiter to update my resume.

Because I know my way around a scissor and Lord knows, I want some of that sweet $50 million those coupon-clippers are raking in.

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