CNN Asks Kayleigh McEnany: How Many Coronavirus Deaths Are Acceptable for White House

Ryan Lizza asked a snarky question to Kayleigh McEnany
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CNN political analyst and Politico writer Ryan Lizza asked Kayleigh McEnany a snarky question about how many deaths would be acceptable to the White House in terms of President Trump’s reelection prospects.

What The Absolute F**k?

And as has been the case during Kayleigh McEnany’s tenure, she refused to play the media’s imbecilic game. 

Of course, when she didn’t play along with CNN’s stupidity Ryan Lizza became incensed.

My lord, every day the Clown News Network must have a goal to be even more egregious than the day before.

Something, unfortunately, they seem to succeed at doing quite often.

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What do you think of CNN asking Kayleigh McEnany such a repugnant question?

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