For all of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats talk about ‘impeaching a President being a ‘somber moment’ they sure looked thrilled to be receiving their Gold Impeachment signing pens.


Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to have an Impeachment signing ceremony, which is normally reserved for signing a new landmark bill.


Making this Trump Impeachment charade even more reprehensible Pelosi used more than two dozen ‘Nancy Pelosi’ signed souvenir gold pens to sign the articles of impeachment as a way to brag.


I assume this was Nancy Pelosi’s way of showing the American people what a ‘Somber’ occasion this was?


Despite all Pelosi and the Democrats talk about ‘Impeaching the President’ being a ‘somber’ moment for the country, even CNN couldn’t swallow that amount of liberal BS.


CNN’s Dana Bash criticized Pelosi for handing pens and smiling for the cameras, calling her actions “unusual.”


Another CNN panelist called Pelosi’s celebration “jarring” and “off message.”


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