Maybe CNN expected Donald Trump at his Battle Creek, Michigan rally to roll over and show his belly like so many Democrats do?

Instead, CNN was highly offended that President Trump went on the offensive and lambasted Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment ‘Witch Hunt’.

CNN’s Gloria Borger angrily denounced President Donald Trump for his reaction to the impeachment vote pushed through the House of Representatives by Democrats on Wednesday.

“This is disgraceful!” she exclaimed. “I mean, this is just disgraceful!”

Remember this is the same Gloria Borger that 108-year-old CNN host Wolf Blitzer admonished on air for her fake news reporting that her anonymous sources told her chief of staff Reince Priebus would not be fired.

After Reince Priebus was fired, Wolf Blitzer scolded Borger live lecturing CNN’s egregious reporter ‘You’ve got to be careful with those sources down the road… Either they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re lying. 

Of course, like any liberal after being called out, Gloria Borger rolled over and showed her belly.

I assume tonight Gloria Borger wanted President Trump to give up after the Democrats party-line impeachment vote?

The Clown News Network Gets Triggered 

Gloria Borger was responding to the president’s comments at his about the late Sen. John Dingell and how he signed off on special honors for the Democrat’s funeral.

He was speaking at a campaign rally in Michigan when he mocked his wife, Sen. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), who took over his seat after his death.

The president told the rally audience.

“Debbie Dingell, that’s a real beauty. So she calls me up like eight months ago, her husband was there for a long time. But I didn’t give him the B-treatment, I didn’t give him the C, or the D, I could’ve, nobody would’ve, you know. I gave him the A-plus treatment, take down the flags!”

“She calls me up. Said, ‘that’s the nicest thing that’s ever happened, thank you so much. John would be so thrilled, looking down, he’d be so thrilled, thank you so much, sir,'” the president said in her voice.

“I said, ‘that’s OK, don’t worry about it,’ maybe he’s looking up, I don’t know,” Trump joked.

CNN’s Jake Tapper said that the president was implying that Dingell was “looking up” from hell when Borger responded angrily.

“What he’s describing is a congresswoman who called him and thanked him after the funeral, and flying flags at half staff,” Borger spat out.

“And by the way, this is a president saying this in the state of Michigan, where John Dingell was beloved!” Borger added.

“I mean he’s, I can’t think of another word other than disgraceful to describe what the president is doing this evening,” she concluded.

Need I remind CNN how they reacted angrily, and threatening to doxx the creator of a meme that showed a video of Donald Trump beating a wrestler with a CNN logo superimposed over the wrestlers head.

Watch CNN lose it because Trump fought back against an impeachment where the Democrats had to invent a crime based on hearsay.

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