Chris Cuomo Warns Trumpers That Greta Thunberg Is Off Limits

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Has Completely Lost All Sense Of Reality After Warning ‘Trumpers’ That Greta Thunberg Is Off-Limits Because She’s A TEENAGER!

Yesterday we reported that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin gave some sage advice to teenage environmentalist alarmist Greta Thunberg, and CNN’s Chris Cuomo took issue with what Mnuchin said.

Mnuchin advised Greta Thunberg to study economics in college so she understands the catastrophic economic effect her Climate change alarmist solution would entail.

At this point, CNN‘s ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do‘ hypocrite anchor Christopher Cuomo drove the liberal loony toon train right off the tracks.

Displaying not an ounce of self-awareness, Chris (Fredo) Cuomo went on the attack, tweeting, “Why do these trumpers think it is ok to go at a kid?”

Twitterland was quick to point out to Chris Cuomo just how feeble-minded and hypocritical his idiotic tweet was

Understandably, Chris Cuomo may have forgotten this little factoid since it happened…LAST WEEK

Cuomo’s Clown News Network had settled a lawsuit brought by 16-year old Nicholas Sandmann after Chris Cuomo, and CNN bitterly attacked the Covington Catholic student.

Nick Sandmann’s crime according to Cuomo and CNN, was having the audacity to stand his ground against Stolen Valor scum Nathan Phillips banging a drum in his face while wearing a red Make America Great Again hat… Oh, the Humanity!

One Twitter user mercifully informed Fredo where he could go to possible cure what ails him

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