The Clown News Network lived up to its name after CNN host Chris Cuomo screeched ‘Remember when Trump called your wife ugly, Ted?‘ as he and Texas Senator Ted Cruz ‘went there’ during their 20-minute long on-air shouting match over President Trump, the presidential debate, the media, and their families.

CNN The ‘Real News Network’ Beclons Itself again

If they were face to face it wouldn’t have been hard to inagine seeing Chris Cuomo and Ted Cruz came to blows, after watching thier lengthy shouting match on CNN.

The pair traded insults about Trump, Cuomo’s brother, New York Governor Andrew, Cruz’s wife, and COVID-19 testing.

The 20-minute long mele began when Cuomo asked why Cruz didn’t stand up to the President and confront him over his controversial remarks about Proud Boys, an alt-right group, at Tuesday night’s debate.

From there, it descended into Cuomo saying Cruz had watched from the sidelines, ‘stroking his beard like a wise man’, while the country suffered from COVID-19, and reminding him that Trump once called his wife Heidi ugly.

Hysterically, Cuomo started off by berating Cruz about why Republicans stand by President Trump after he supposedly didn’t denounce the Proud Boys.

Of course, being the hypocrite selves, as Cuomo, and CNN as a whole seem to always excuse away, or simply ignore reporting on Democrats such as Hillary Clinton screeching about bringing Black people “To Heel,” or Joe Biden saying if African Americans don’t vote for him then “You Ain’t Black“.

And who could ever forget Chris Cuomo and his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yukking it up over the governor’s Coronavirus test, after tens of thousands of New Yorkers had died of COVID.

I’m sure the next time Chris Cuomo has a Democrat Senator he will ask “Why hasn’t Joe Biden Denounced the Black Lives Matter, Antifa rioting? Or How can Joe Biden claim ANTIFA isn’t real?

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Watch CNN Chris Cuomo, and Sen. Ted Cruz Go There