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CNN Coronavirus Challenge: Pledge Never To Take Hydroxychloroquine

CNN Coronavirus hydroxychloroquine Pledge

Despite the growing evidence that hydroxychloroquine is a Coronavirus ‘Game Changer.’

The media led by CNN have been attacking President Trump over his telling Americans: ‘I Would Take It… Talk To Your Doctor… You Got Nothing To Lose’

The latest Clown News Network attack comes from their bulbous headed ass-kissing apologist, Brian Stelter:

The moment President Trump mentions hydroxychloroquine CNN pounces

Remember how CNN and others in the fake news media tried to fraudulently link President Trump pushing hydroxychloroquine to a couple ingesting a fish tank cleaner.

The Media’s knee-jerk reaction had CNN and Democrats alike claiming that it was evidence that President Donald Trump was responsible for this couples stupidity.

Of course, that nonsense fell flat on it’s face after the facts of the case started leaking out

Since the media pounced on their fish cleaning fantasy, the FDA has approved the hydroxychloroquine for emergency use.

The FDA noted that the anti-malaria dug, that has been tested and in use for decades, can be beneficial and in a study of 6227 doctors around the world, the doctors list hydroxychloroquine as the “most effective therapy” they have employed against the virus.

They’ve also ignored medical experts like Dr. Fauci, who has said the evidence of hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness has not been verified by a major study, he wouldn’t hesitate to take it if he had become infected with Coronavirus.

But no amount of facts will change the media’s feelings every time President Trump mentions hydroxychloroquine.

In fact, as more evidence of its effectiveness against Coronavirus comes forth, the media’s attacks have only gone from revolting, to egregious, to being completely unhinged.

CNN Coronavirus Challenge

At every single one of President Trump’s White House Coronavirus Press Briefings, inevitably someone from CNN, or some other moronic fake news media ‘journalist’ cries:

“You’re Not A Doctor… How Dare You Talk About hydroxychloroquine”

Since he’s not their President, CNN has been leading the way in trying to extinguish any hope that President Trump tries to give worried Americans.

Also since CNN pounces the moment President Trump tells American’s they should ask their Doctor if taking hydroxychloroquine is right for them. Then they should sign a pledge saying no matter how desperate they become…

They will never take hydroxychloroquine, or allow a Doctor to administer hydroxychloroquine to a family or loved one that now needs a ventilator to stay alive.

While this sounds extreme, this is what the news media have been pushing.

If they believe in their Trump-Hate BS so much, then it shouldn’t be a tough decision to sign on the dotted line.

CNN, Democrats, Take the Hydroxychloroquine Pledge!

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