The Clown News Network’s correction of an article on their website about the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol last week pretty much sums up the quality of reporting CNN has done over the past 4-years.
Even more hysterical, CNN’s correction had nothing to do with their typical misreporting about a Republican, because Lord knows there’s enough of those.
After CNN breathlessly reported that Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu, fearing for his life, fled from his office with a “crowbar” as the Capital Hill Chaos was unfolding.
But despite what CNN’s crack reporters Jeremy HerbPhil MattinglyLauren Fox, and Manu Raju. wrote in their article.
The fact is Ted Lieu actually grabbed an energy bar.

In the correction, CNN admitted that a “previous version of this story misstated” that the Democratic congressman had “grabbed a crowbar before leaving his office.” 

It then clarified, “He grabbed a ProBar energy bar,”

But one has to wonder why, fearing for his life, Ted Lieu’s first thought was ‘Where’s My Energy Bar?’.

Of course, no matter how moronic it may sound to rational people.

Starting a sentence off with ‘Ted Lieu‘ pretty much explains any and all idiocy that follows.

CNN Correction Proves Why They’re The Clown News Network

While normally a correction is posted both at the beginning and also at the of a revised article.

In typical CNN fashion, despite revising its original fiction from ‘Lieu grabbed a Crow Bar’ to the factually correct “Lie grabbed a Power Bar,’ and therefore changing the entire narrative of the story.

The Clown News Network decided to act like they did nothing wrong, and bury their correction notice only at the bottom of the article.



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