Last Week TuskerDaily reported that during CNN’s live coverage of BLM rioters clashing with police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, an angry black man confronted the CNN reporter over her network enflaming the violence by egregiously twisting the facts concerning the Daunte Wright shooting.

Just two days later Project Veritas exposed CNN’s blatantly fraudulent reporting as their undercover video captured the fake news network’s loose-lipped technical director Charles Chester admitting that they are “trying to help” Black Lives Matter.

As if America needed any more proof that both claims are true.

Brianna Keilar was reporting on the body camera footage released by city officials showing what took place moments before a Columbus police officer fatally shot a Black teenage girl as she was attacking another black female with a knife.

But according to Brianna Keilar, and Clown News Network this is how they viewed the footage:

According to Police, the officer fired after the teen tried to cut two other girls with a knife.

But in the graphic bodycam video of the incident, it shows a very chaotic scene, and it’s incredibly difficult to discern exactly what was happening here.”



  1. We must all remember that there are good, honest, hard working Blacks. We are just seeing Obama’s finest.


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