CNN Don Lemon Insecure Man-Child Attacks Trump, Melania With His Obama Idiocy

CNN Don Lemon, President Trump, FLOTUS Melania Trump
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Don Lemon was last seen curled up in a ball whimpering ‘Barack…Barack…Where has my Obama gone?

Don Lemon looks like a man whose so desperate to get some Trump attention. That he’s completely given up on the notion that he’s nothing more than a babbling, partisan, mean-girl hack pretending to be an unbiased reporter.

In a bizarre and emotional segment, CNN host Don Lemon got personal against President Trump by suggesting Trump may not like Obama because Obama is “smarter” or Michelle Obama is “more accomplished.”

Watch as Don Lemon goes so low he needs to bring Melania into his imbecilic Trump-Hate diatribe:

Why did he have to bring Melania into this? ORANGE MAN BAD, of course.

It seems each and everyday Don Lemon tries his hardest to prove Donald Trump 100% right when the President called him “The dumbest man on television”

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