CNN Don Lemon Scolds Colorado Gov ‘How Dare You’

CNN Don Lemon admonished Colorado's liberal Democrat Governor for having the audacity to go against a fellow Democrat.
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CNN Don Lemon admonished Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) about his repugnant message to Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Musk threatened to move his company’s headquarters out of California after the Democrats Nanny-State coronavirus lockdown prevented him from reopening his factory.

Taking to Twitter, Polis told Musk “we want you here.” This did not sit well with CNN Tonight Don Lemon, who scolded Polis on Wednesday night for rolling out the welcome mat for the “defiant” Musk.

Lemon admonished the liberal Democrat for having the audacity to go against a fellow Democrat. especially when Tesla is attacking the righteous ‘stay-at-home’ science-based orders of California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

Lemon asked: “Do you want him in Colorado if he’s defying public health guidance in California?”

Polis didn’t back down, explaining that “we would be very excited if Tesla would locate in Colorado,” describing his state as “a great place to a grow a business and a great place for manufacturing.”

CNN Don Lemon was not impressed:

“Why would you want someone who is defying orders to…I understand the business part of it, but I mean, come on, Governor.

You’re a governor…You’re not making a fellow governor, Gavin Newsom’s job any easier.

Imagine if it was the reverse, if Governor Newsom had done the same thing you’re doing…You’d be like, hey Governor Newsom, what are you doing? Come on, man.”

Prior to scolding Polis for inviting Elon Musk to Colorado, the conversation focused on Polis’s visit to the White House.

CNN’s #1 liberal hack show host tried to bait Polis into trashing President Trump:

“You were in the room when the President took a swipe at Dr. Fauci. What went through your mind when you heard that?”

Polis acknowledged that he “wasn’t sure exactly what he was talking about with Fauci.”

In the age of coronavirus, CNN has found a new purpose:

  • Defend every Democrat lockdown at all costs.
  • Impugn the integrity of those who still believe in something capitalism.
  • And attack anyone still repugnant enough to believe in what the left calls the outdated United States Constitution.

Via: NewsBusters

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