Watch CNN Faux Outrage As Don Lemon Has Ron Burgundy Moment

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During CNN Tonight host Don Lemon’s report on claims of election fraud in Michigan, Lemon, like the puppet he is, reads aloud a teleprompter cue to “scream” rather than screaming, prompting critics to liken him to having a Ron Burgundy ‘Anchorman‘ like moment.

Lemon Drop screeched on Thursday night show “This is fraud, people, scream,”

He then appeared to talk to his irate producers, saying, “OK, that’s what it says, alright,” before continuing with his faux outrage report.

Don Lemon…More Ron Burgundy, or More Joe Biden?

Ron Burgundy is a fictional television newsman, known for his frequent gaffes and insincerity, who was depicted hilariously by comedian Will Ferrell in the movies ‘Anchorman’ and ‘Anchorman 2’.

Joe Biden, whom CNN and other mainstream media outlets are trying to declare the winner of the November 3 presidential election, has been mocked for his never-ending teleprompter blunders, such as reading aloud an “end of quote” cue after delivering a key line in a September 4 speech.

As many know, Don Lemon is known for over-the-top emotional outbursts, such as when he teared up in April while talking about fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo testing positive for Covid-19.

Thursday’s apparent teleprompter stumble triggered mockery on Twitter, where critics said it showed that Lemon is just a propagandist thespian.

“Better hire professional actors,” one person tweeted.

“We like Shakespearians.” Another observer said, “How can anyone still watch CNN and take any of their propagandists seriously – especially that?”

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