When it comes to facts and showing you’re self-aware, the last couple of years have been pretty brutal for CNN hall monitor Oliver Darcy.

Ever since Oliver Darcy joined the Clown News Network, he has been nipping at the heels of Fox News like a rabid chihuahua.

In his latest attack, Darcy bore his teeth and launched himself at the ankles of Fox News Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo.

Bartiromo made Darcy’s naughty list over the last couple of weeks because she had the nerve to listen to guests who talked about the Trump campaign’s election fraud allegations.

But yesterday, Darcy got his Xmas trigger on after reading this tweet from videographer Jim Maiella, who seemed to be wondering why some in the media (namely the dynamic duo of dimwits, Oliver Darcy, and Brian Stelter) had moved on from Bartiromo’s alleged journalistic transgressions?:

CNN Hall Monitor Darcy Oliver Defemns CNN’s Honor

Darcy immediately jumped on Twitter to defend the honor of CNN, going so far as calling Bartiromo a “full-blown propagandist.” 

Of course, unable to leave it there, Darcy threw a self-righteous hissy fit, whining about how other media news outlets had the audacity to skew their reporting toward one party.

Keep in mind that this is the same guy who works for the same “news” network that has effectively become the Democrats state-run TV.

It seems Oliver Darcy contracted Joe Biden’s dementia because he simply can remember that CNN:

  • Did not report a single word on Tara Reades sexual Assualt allegations against Joe Biden.
  • Nor did CNN report, or show one of the Human Gaffe Machine’s many verbal blunders.
  • Not to mention CNN becoming suddenly oblivious to the multiple bombshell reports involving Joe Biden’s drug-addicted shady son Hunter.

Not surprisingly, Oliver Darcy Got Called Out On His Latest Idiocy:



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