CNN Newsroom, hosts Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto now have found all the evidence they need to declare Antifa 'peaceful protesters'

While some like CNN’s Chris Cuomo tries to pretend that Antifa is not all that bad– after all, as Don Lemon screeched “it’s short for anti-fascist,” so how bad can they really be?

Others fake news media hosts have asserted without any evidence that it’s actually white supremacists posing as Antifa that is responsible for the violence across the country.

On Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom, hosts Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto claimed to have found all the evidence they needed to declare Antifa nothing but peaceful protesters: a lone tweet from a since banned Twitter account.

Harlow began the segment by hyping the singular tweet as “a really important development” because, “of all the talk you heard about Antifa, from the president, et cetera, and these protests, et cetera.

Twitter overnight saying an account that called for violence and claimed to be part of Antifa was actually run by a group of well-known white supremacists.”

Sciutto then joined in, “To be clear, the president, not just the president, but also the attorney general have been pinning all the violence, all the looting, on the far left for days now.”

After introducing CNN technology reporter Donie O’Sullivan, Sciutto asked him, “What we’re seeing here is you have this coming from multiple directions, is that right?”

Via Newsbusters

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