CNN Jim Acosta

CNN’s ‘Dear Diary‘ White House correspondent Jim Acosta appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show to condemn President Trump’s latest thoughts on re-opening.

Acosta claimed that Trump was operating outside of reality and is determined to reopen regardless of “whatever the hell happens.”

Not surprising it was Jim Acosta who seemed to have had the problems with getting a grip on the reality of the situation.

After Cuomo lamented the lack of any coherent plan, Acosta observed,

“People want to go to the beach and enjoy Memorial Day weekend. We just don’t live in that world anymore.”

Of course, people are going to the beach in high numbers and the public health situation has not dramatically worsened the Coronavirus numbers as the fake news media have been spewing over the past three weeks.

But as our reported in our strory: 3 Weeks After Dems, Media Bashed Georgia, SC For Coronavirus Reopening, Who Was Right?

It’s been three weeks since these two states reopened, and instead of the Democrat predicted ‘Doom and Gloom.’ The coronavirus daily death/infected numbers didn’t go up, they went down!

Of course, the fake news media hasn’t let facts get in the way of their Trump-hate reporting before.

So it’s not surprising to see facts didn’t stop them from spewing their latest TDS idiocy.


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