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CNN: Joe Biden Shouldn’t Debate President Trump

CNN Joe Biden Shouldn't Debate President Trump

Originally, the headline read “CNN Analyst” but after watching the video, clearly, CNN gave Michael Smerconish the thumbs up with what CNN’s political analyst Joe Lockhart was proposing that Joe Biden Shouldn’t debate President Trump.

But, in light of the way in which Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities have been diminishing before our eyes. Lockhart’s idea actually meshes perfectly with the Biden campaign’s decision to, in essence, locked away their Democratic Presidential Candidate in a basement until November 3rd.

Through the interview, Smerconish did little to push back at Lockhart’s idiocy, which is why I dropped the “Analyst” from our headline.

The CNN host, in an attempt to feign being unbiased, enthusiastically agree with Lockhart and asked some of the most inane questions that not even a first-year journalism student would query.

  • Smerconish stated, “Some Political Experts Asked Would Biden Be Better Off Skipping The Debates.” Some? Let’s try ‘Democrats,’ because not one political expert that right of Pochahontis has ever suggested this. If anything Republican political experts wanted more.
  • Smerconish enthusiastically replied “Right…Right” as Lockhart was saying ‘Trump turn the debates into a circus’.
  • In fairness, Smerconish did admit that Biden didn’t face any hard questions. But after reiterating Trump’s position about “Joe having lost a Step,” Smerconish hysterically stated ‘The Joe I saw last Wednesday in Willimington, he was fine’. Umm, really? This is fine? If so, I’d hate to see when he’s not.

The idea that ‘Joe Biden shouldn’t debate President Trump,’ is on par with Hillary Clinton in 2016 calling Donald Trump’s supporters “A Basket of Deplorables.”

It sounded so well in their heads, but in reality…Not so much!

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