CNN Keeps The Lie Going That Trump Called The Coronavirus a ‘Hoax’

CNN The Clown News Network
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At this point, it’s obvious that CNN doesn’t care one iota about reporting the truth, they only want to placate the Trump-hating resistance

In a horrendous lie on CNN first flagged by the Trump campaign, CNN hosts Ana Cabrera and Boris Sanchez displayed a gross arrogance, immaturity, and snarkiness in repeatedly lying by telling viewers on Saturday and Sunday that President Trump initially chalked up the coronavirus to have been “a hoax.”

Fact-checker after fact-checker (and even liberal ones like The Washington Post) decried this falsehood, but in Zuckerville, such gaslighting is not only encouraged, but it’s become a requirement to survive at CNN.

Sunday afternoon, Cabrera directly blamed the President for the coronavirus outbreak and peddled the “hoax” lie. As part of a seven-minute meltdown, she insisted that a lack of funding for an Obama-instituted program on pandemics.

CNN The Clown News Network At Its Finest (Worst)

“The words of an American president during a time of global crisis matter the world over. President Trump is trading on the credibility of an office he did not create. So where will the world turn when it is taught to turn off a President who said this in India less than three weeks ago,” an offended Cabrera lectured, which led to a soundbite of Trump predicting that the virus would “go away.”

Earth to CNN: Facts change. Sure, critique the President’s demeanor. By all means take issue with a press conference or a tweet. It’s all fair game! But making faces, sighing, and lashing out (see Fake News Jim and Fredo for other examples) solves nothing when it comes to being a host and so-called journalist.

Certainly, Cabrera and her bosses feel much better after such snarky takedowns that leave them near tears, but their punditry doesn’t help prevent the spread or cure anyone of the virus. Then again, as we saw with the Surgeon General, any and all pushback of the liberal media hurts their feelings.

With such sarcastic (and, yes, arguably juvenile) outbursts encouraged at CNN, Cabrera will certainly find herself promoted in no time.

Prior to Cabrera’s Sunday afternoon segment, there were three Saturday segments between Cabrera and Sanchez that pushed the lie.

After two soundbites from Friday afternoon’s Rose Garden press conference, Cabrera stated without evidence at 3:21 p.m. Eastern that Trump trumpeted “original claims of a hoax” being afoot concerning the coronavirus.

Cabrera showed herself to be someone beyond parody when she brought on Trump aide-turned-hater Anthony Scaramucci, wondering whether there’s anyone “who privately would tell the President, you can’t call this a hoax, it’s no joke, and you are going to put everyone at risk if you don’t take this seriously.”

In the 7:00 p.m. Eastern hour, Sanchez lamented to former Obama official Samantha Vinograd that the President has “suggested that this coronavirus epidemic — pandemic is a hoax perpetrated by Democrats.”

Later, Sanchez hyped: “Case in point. Two weeks ago, Trump called the response about the gravity of the virus a hoax. It’s not.”

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