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An obnoxious CNN reporter proved why CNN is the Clown News Network as reporter Rosa Flores ignored CNN’s ‘blame Trump‘ narrative, and instead blamed Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis for the state’s slow vaccine rollout.

Unfortunately for Flores, DeSantis made her look foolish, by showing how today’s news media journalist has forgone doing any due diligence on their own.

Hilariously, The exchange reminded me and my children as they were growing up.

Instead of researching to find the answer themselves, my kids would just take the easy way out by asking me for the answer.

To which I responded, “Try googling it, then come back and tell me what you believe the answer is, and we’ll discuss it”.

DeSantis Slams CNN Obnoxious COVID Reporter Rosa Flores

In the heated back and forth, that took place during Monday’s press conference about Florida’s rollout of the coronavirus vaccines.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was forced to put CNN’s obnoxious correspondent in her place.

The CNN video clip below shows the fake news media outlet attempting to smear DeSantis which ultimately doesn’t end as they had hoped.

The clip started with CNN correspondent Rosa Flores trying to lecture DeSantis a question, for which the Governor refused to allow her to create another CNN fake news soundbite:

FLORES: Governor, what has gone wrong with the roll-out of the vaccine, that we’ve seen phone lines jammed, websites crash—

GOV. RON DESANTIS: It’s a lot of demand. I mean, I think at the end of the day–

FLORES: Excuse me, if I can finish my question.

The Governor shot back as Flores wanted to shout over him and filibuster “Excuse me. Excuse me. You just said what’s gone wrong. So, I’m answering the question”. 

A contentious back and forth flared up as Flores demanded DeSantis let her add unnecessary fluff to her question.

At the end of the clip host, Wolf Blitzer complimented Flores for being so brave and bold.

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