House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a wide berth to delay her supposedly “urgent” impeachment articles for weeks or even months, knowing the press will back her. Exhibit A is .

The New Day co-host made an impassioned defense this morning of Pelosi’s decision to stall the delivery to the Senate of the articles of impeachment.

After Camerota made her initial pitch for Pelosi’s position, guest host John Avlon and Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim pushed back, saying Pelosi’s position wasn’t tenable and that she’d have to deliver the articles in fairly short order.

But Camerota refused to concede, insisting, “I guess I’m missing something. I still need you guys to explain to me . . . What harm is there in waiting? I don’t see what . . . I don’t see why [Pelosi] would feel any anxiety to speed up this process?”

If instead of stalling, Pelosi had delivered the articles to the Senate on the very day they were adopted, one can imagine Camerota having applauded that, too, as a brilliant political stroke. “You go, girl!” seems to be Camerota’s operative principle when it comes to Pelosi.


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